Bloodline Inkwear launches to the public at S43 on August 17th!

Save the date on Friday, August 17th, for a night of art and entertainment at S43 on Station Drive in Morningside from 7pm as the tattoo community celebrate the official launch of the tattoo inspired clothing brand, Bloodline Inkwear.

Born from the fact that great tattoo art is most often covered up by clothing, Bloodline Inkwear embodies art that can now be worn proudly and for all to see, with the same artistic approach as inked skin.

The brand was established by well known, award-winning Durban tattoo artist, Mully Hilton. Having been in the industry for more than 2 decades, Mully is now launching this original concept clothing line via an online store where fans are now able to purchase their very own inkwear.

 Mully's tattoo style has been influenced by historic practices of other cultures. A year after he left Africa, Mully found himself on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean tattooing intricate symbols, motifs and designs into the skins of the local Polynesians - an ancient custom practiced by many cultures for thousands of years. This style has been nurtured by Mully for many years and is the reason why many South African's book Mully as their preferred tattoo artist. 

 Through his travels abroad Mully also came into contact with other talented tattoo artists committed to the craft of body adornment, however an overriding concern was that good art would be covered up by clothing, which ultimately led him to the idea of transferring the art of body contoured custom tattoo designs onto garments. “With Bloodline Inkwear, you are now quite literally able to wear your art on your sleeve,” says Mully.  Fans, friends and the general public, are all invited to attend the event and entry is free.

 There will be loads of bloodline clothing and head wear up for grabs on the night, as well as live entertainment provided by DJ Kevin Louw and South African rock 'n roll band, Perez. There is also a chance to win free tattoos by Mully himself, so visit the Bloodline Inkwear Facebook page to enter.

For more information, contact or visit Follow the brand on Facebook: @OfficialBloodline and Instagram: @bloodline_inkwear to keep updated.

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