Dress for success – Royal Palm’s fun fashionable team building exercise

Royal Palm is taking a leaf out of the book of its fashion forward neighbour – The Gateway Theatre of Shopping – which is home to a number of top designers with a fashion based team building exercise that’s likely to provide plenty of fun and excitement as well as a few life lessons along the way.

General Manager, James Theunissen, recalls a really fun TV show that was aired a few years back. Each week, a well-known stylist would shop for someone to whom they had just been introduced. The stylist then had just one hour to dress the individual according to a theme set by the show producers.

He decided to use this as a team building exercise – one that would not only add a bit of creative spark after long periods of brain storming and number crunching but one that would create great memories and photographs for years to come.

Explaining how this would work, he says groups would be divided into four teams. Each team leader will then choose one of a selection of cards each representing a particular fashion look – from sports attire, corporate look to leisure time and night on the town.

One team member will then be given the role of mannequin while the rest of the team are the shoppers. These shoppers will have a budget of R2 000 and between 1 and 2 hours to dash off to Gateway to find that perfect outfit for their model.

The winning team will judged on:

· How much was spent / any change

· the overall look

· Correct sizing of clothing (make sure it fits) JJ

· And of course teamwork – did the team have a good team strategy in achieving the overall perfect look

· Presentation explaining the ensemble

This is just another idea available to you when you book your next brainstorm or teambuilding session at Royal Palm Hotel, email once we out of lockdown to events@royal-palm.co.za

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