Right now, stress levels are through the stratosphere and tensions are running high – so why not consider taking some time out to pamper yourself or your loved one at the Granny Mouse Country House and Spa?

Many people have likened the pandemic to wartime! Interestingly, the word spa stems from the Latin phrase “salus per aquam” – meaning health from water - and was used by Roman soldiers to treat aching muscles and wounds from war. Spas, healing waters, hydrotherapy and hot springs date back thousands of years and were used for exactly what we all need right now – a little rejuvenation and relaxation as we wrestle with the prospect of another difficult year!

It’s interesting to note that, a few decades ago, it wasn’t heard of for men to go to a spa or beauty salon - but, in the beginning, spas only accommodated men. Ironic isn’t it?

That why the nice thing about spas is that they didn’t remain as the best means of recuperating from battle even if tackling life itself sometimes feels just like that. In fact, the first real deal beauty luxury spa, called the Red Door Salon, was opened by Elizabeth Arden in 1910. Treatments included facials and manicures and it began what is what we experience in the modern day. In the 1980s, it became the pampering session for wealthy women who hosted their special social occasions, birthdays, hen parties.

Since then, demand for spa and so-called beauty treatments has grown and changed.

Gone are the days of just accommodating just the super wealthy. Spas now offer both relaxation and health and beauty benefits for an extremely wide range of clients, extending from women to men, teenagers and even little kids.

At spas, actions speak louder than words so, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, why not arrange a couple’s treatment as a part of a romantic getaway? Or arrange that couple’s getaway to reconnect even after Valentine’s Day is over.

Book now and enjoy a couple’s experience with your loved one at Granny Mouse Country House and Spa.

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