Shopping Centre’s still honour the SOS call for learners!

“Every day should be a “Mandela Day”, and in moving forward from the recent unrest, we at the SA Retail Properties Pty Ltd and in keeping with the spirit of this observance, our shopping centre’s: Bluff Towers, Davenport Square, Pine Walk Centre, Springfield Value Centre and Hayfields Mall – will still honour our commitment for Mandela Day and will be answering an SOS for learners at needy schools during these difficult times!” says Donald Mc Lellan, the National Marketing Manager at SA Retail Properties Pty Ltd which owns the centres

“In July 2018, when our company announced the creation of our SOS Campaign – which stands for Support our school – to help improve the quality of education and provide hope to future generations, we could never have foreseen the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic would have on families over the past two years. Many have lost loved ones and providers. Parents have lost their livelihoods and many are unable to pay school fees,” added Mc Lellan.

He points out that, while many well to do schools are able to protect learners and educators, less affluent educational institutions have been unable to assist their youngsters, especially when it comes to unpaid fees.

In recognition of Madiba’s belief that a good education is the best means of escaping poverty, the five Centres’ will work closely with local schools to help deserving learners.

  • Bluff Towers will be supporting Collingwood Primary School where they will be paying school fees for 2021 for eight young students selected by the school’s principal.

  • Davenport Square in Glenwood will be providing a helping hand by paying school fees for two learners at Carrington Heights Primary School.

  • Hayfields Mall in Pietermaritzburg will be stepping up and paying school fees for six students at Eastwood Primary School.

  • Pine Walk Centre in Pinetown will be standing by Vezamafa Secondary School and paying its outstanding utility bill to keep the lights on for all learners and educators.

  • Springfield Value Centre in Springfield will once again be reaching out to help St Theresa Primary School by paying school fees for six of its students.

Mc Lellan said that during these difficult times its important to try and make a difference. He said SA Corporate Retail was proud to be able to help out at a time when families needed it most and we stand by our commitment we made prior to the recent unrest.

Note to editors: SA Retail Properties Pty Ltd, one of the oldest and most established companies within the South Africa’s property sector, created the SOS Campaign – which stands for Support Our Schools – in July 2018 as a tribute to the late statesman and humanitarian, Nelson Mandela. SA Retail Properties Pty Ltd owns 21 shopping centres across the country. Each of these centre’s have identified and adopted a school within the community in which it is situated!

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