Old is gold, especially when beauty secrets are passed down through generations. When it comes to skin care, grandmothers and mothers know it all. They chose home remedies and natural treatments to beautify their skin.

From old wives’ tales to quirky little hacks, many ladies in the home have tips and tricks specific to them. Beauty experts from Granny Mouse Country House & Spa take a look back at skin-care through the decades, starting from the “Roaring 20’s” right up to the 50’s.

1920’s - The beginning of this decade, often referred to as the roaring twenties, signified a time of change for women. The Victorian era of pale, covered-up skin and minimal face makeup were out, and a more vibrant look was in. As such, women began taking better care of their skin. By this time, regular bathing had also become normalized, baths even started to be used for relaxation and comfort, although weren’t quite as extravagant as the bath we pamper ourselves with today!

1930’s - An overall bronzed look became fashionable in the roaring ‘20s, and by the 1930’s, women all over wanted to debut a light summer tan year-round. Cosmetic companies took note and followed suit, launching face powders in darker shades meant to provide a ‘barely-there’ tan. More elaborate skin care routines also became popular during this decade, with many women going through 10-step skin care regimens every evening over a basin of hot water.

1940’s - Following in the footsteps of the elaborate skin care routines that became the norm during the 1930s, women in the 1940’s began to prioritize taking care of their skin over everything else. The use of cold cream became very popular, which women would often leave on their complexion overnight rather than washing off. Facial moisturizer also saw a rise in popularly, and women would layer on rich, thick creams that promised baby-soft skin.

1950’s - DIY beauty didn’t just become popular over the last few years. Back in the ‘50s, many women took a DIY approach to their skin care routines, using products we consider multi-use staples today, like baby powder and petroleum jelly.

These generations see the world differently and seek different experiences from their beauty brands. The beauty industry has a healthy future as long as it understands the critical nature of all of its consumer segments.

Nestled in the heart of the Midlands, Granny Mouse’s on-site spa offers a host of treatments to pamper ladies from head to toe. With a wide selection of treatments, ranging from facials and massages, mani’s and pedi’s, body wraps and hydro baths, there’s a treatment for everyone, and packages can be arranged to suit every need.

So, if you’re considering a special skincare treatment have a sneak peek at “Mouse House” spa menu by clicking on the link:

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